Q. What is the Purpose of this Site?

To collect a few of the innumerable instances of police officers killing dogs in the line of duty and to hopefully raise enough awareness that people demand things change.

Q. Aren’t the Officers Just Trying to Protect Themselves?

Yes and no. Undoubtedly, there are instances where an officer must shoot a dog in order to protect himself or a bystander. However, most of the time, these dogs are killed in the heat of the moment, without time to consider the proper course of action.

Does the fault rest solely with the officer who shot the dog? No.

The guilt is all of ours to share for allowing these sort of procedures and protocols. The police departments almost always defend these instances by saying they were acting “according to protocol,” as if that somehow excuses them. But following orders is no excuse, even if the orders are the laws of the United States government. A tragedy is a tragedy, regardless of its justification.

Q. But the Officers were Following Protocol!

In almost all of these cases, the officers were acting according to protocol. This website does not attempt to shame the individuals, but rather society, for allowing the procedures and protocols to be implemented that lead to the death of so many innocent animals. It is us who need to change.

Q. How Can I Help?

Share this website on your Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, on Pinterest, on whatever you can. Talk to your friends, your families. Write letters to your Congressmen. Just get the word out. Tell people!


If you can help in any way, please email me at gkarber (at) gmail (dot) com. I would love to do any interviews, no matter how small your readership. And if you know of any dogs that police have killed which have not been mentioned on this site, please email me or post them in the comments below.


50 Comments on “About”

  1. brandi says:

    I just wanted to mention another dog that was unnecessarily killed as well by an off duty police officer. Bear Bear, he was killed in a fenced in dog park. here is one of many articles on the web about bear bear http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/features/mutts/blog/2010/08/cop_kills_bearbear_at_arundel.html

  2. Wendy says:


    …another example for you to add to the list, unfortunately. So sad that there even has to be a website dedicated to this.

  3. JC says:

    “LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41)

    The investigation is complete in regards to a Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy who shot a family dog while responding to a burglary call.

    That report says the deputy made the right decision to use a gun rather than a taser or pepper spray due to the dangerous threat.

    The dog’s family says they didn’t even know the deputy had been cleared, until we contacted them today.”


    • becca says:

      Same type of event happened to us today in lousiville ky. Dog didn’t die but the threat was there. He was shot by an officer shoulder through shoulder. Someone tried to get in our house and dogs got loose. Please contact for help information! We have a court date for dog attack from our pup. Lawyers, dog cruelty help, people to support us in court. Anything.

  4. Joslynne Davidson says:

    Thank you. Great idea. Too many family companions are being murdered by police who kill for the sake of killing.

  5. Nichole Victoria says:

    Please follow this link and post this video for everyone to see. It’s disturbing to see the apathy of this “officer” that pulls this Texas couple over for speeding after he learns that they are trying to rush their dog to the emergency vet because he/she is choking to death. He doesn’t care and yells at the man, who is obviously in a panic state wanting to save his dog, to calm down..like yelling for someone to calm down is going to calm them down. No this cop didn’t directly shoot or directly kill this dog, but the lack of concern, caring, and help that this officer gives killed this dog. He could have easily escorted them to the vet or helped trying to give the dog the heimlich maneuver. I believe all cops have to take CPR classes where you learn to do that as well, yes they have a separate one for pets but you can almost essentially apply those same tactics learned there to a dog. My point is that what this cop did was outrageous and uncalled for, this dog could have been saved if it were not for the blatant apathy of this officer. I’m appalled and astonished.

  6. Daniel Vogel says:

    Here is yet another sad example of this reprehensible behavior: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2011/09/27/san-mateo-police-shoot-loose-dogs-at-park-killing-1/

  7. loren says:

    Belle was murdered today. 10 year old lab mix by a coward officer entering my yard on a business call. Chase Calhoun was the murderer.

  8. Daniel Vogel says:

    Another dog was shot and killed by a cop. This happened in the town of Vallejo, CA on Thursday the 17th of May. Belle is the name of the dog killed. http://www.sfgate.com is the paper that published the story.

  9. blakmira says:

    Is there any way you could add in emails or phone numbers to contact on these cases if someone wants to find out what’s currently happening or express their distress at what transpired? Perhaps you could also post follow-ups if you find out the results of the family suing? Thank you for devoting time to this blog!

  10. daniel vogel says:

    Why did you delete my posts?

  11. Aaron Strout says:

    please add diablo…to this list…please see the URI’s below and add as you see fit to this site…this was another dog in our area that was gunned down. the dog trainer..the nisghbors ..even the postal carrier stated this was a gentle sweet dog.


    more info about this incident as well here:


  12. Kuno says:

    I just found this blog and I can’t stop crying. If only more people were aware of these tragedies, we could only hope they wouldn’t happen anymore.

  13. Dee says:

    As a mail carrier I face more canines in a day then most of these officers will see in their careers-I do not carry a weapon, mace nor pepper spray-in 6 years I’ve had my shoelace nip once and received a CAT bite. Experience allows me to read every animal I encounter and I act accordingly-I fear these officers react in fear, ignorance or vehement dislike of the species. They certainly lack the training for encounters.

    • Have you seen the current case of Schroeder who was home with his pregnant owner when the mail lady arrived & the door latch gave way ending up with Schroeder nipping the mail carrier, but not seriously hurting her. A bruise but no blood. The mail carrier now wants to have Schroeder put down despite no previous incidents. Totally outrageous!!

  14. Mark Philips says:

    It doesn’t help that there are so many anti-dog sites out there, who disseminate false/twisted information that spreads hate and intolerance for dogs. http://killthedogs.blogspot.com is probably the sickest of them all. How can a Church claim to spread peace, love and tolerance but want to Kill all of The Dogs!? Insane!
    Keep up the good work, Admin. You certainly have your work cut out for you. Police need better training when it comes to dealing with dogs. It doesn’t need to end in a bullet like these situations.

  15. RSLudlum says:

    Officer shoots dog after owner accidentally sets of his home alarm system

  16. Joan Sammond says:

    has anyone also noticed the large number of heat related deaths with K9 police service dogs? cops all over the country are also responsible for killing police dogs by leaving in hot cars. one police agency killed 3 different police dogs that way. here’s link to a story going on in ga where the cop left police k9 in car 3 days in hot GA August and she died and he wasn’t charged. in GA that is a criminal offense to commit against any dog cat or pet but cop dogs across the country are victims of this neglect. more police dogs are killed by officer negligence leaving in hot cars than any other cause of death :/ here’s latest on GA police dog


  17. Another killing happened recently. Cops raided a home for an alleged drug bust “never found the pot they were looking for” and killed the homeowners 3 dogs while they were running away from the officers http://motorcitymuckraker.com/2012/10/17/witnesses-detroit-police-fatally-shoot-three-harmless-dogs-during-pot-bust/

  18. daniel vogel says:

    The problem with cops is that they WANT to pull their weapons. They WANT to shoot their guns, it’s why they want to be cops. Dogs give them an excuse to pull their guns and shoot something and feel validated.

  19. daniel vogel says:

    Just an update on the case of Belle the Labrador mix. A federal lawsuit has just been filed by attorney Nick Casper. The suit has been filed in U.S. District Court in Sacramento. He has also filed suit in the killing of two other dogs in Vallejo that happened on 2/10/2012. These were the two dogs that burned to death after cops fired tear gas canisters into a vacant home and set the house on fire. The dogs bodies were retrieved by their owner from the city dump. So these idiots burned down a house, killed two pets and then dumped the bodies in the city dump. I’m so happy they have guns and badges. Ever notice how no cop will ever, EVER, criticize another cop no matter what the behavior? Pretty incredible.

  20. william paul says:

    Please add my beloved dog of 18 years Chingie. Thank you! She was left to die buy dehydration and starvation, when the police took me to jail for trespassing on my own property, they asked if i wanted to leave her in the car or let her outside. The rental agreement in my hand was not good enough for them. And with out any phone numbers with me, and with out the ability to convince a bail bondsman to help me, it was twenty days until i was let out on O.R. I am the son in law of a leutenant commander of C.H.P. and never knew the horror that these weak individuals could bring to a peaceful situation.
    For it is truly the weak that abuse power.

  21. Joan Sammond says:

    One of the concerns that I have is the number of police K9’s that are left in vehicles and die from heat related issues. This type of situation happens more than people realize and while I’m sure most were accidental deaths, it warrants enough concern to see what type of devices K9 vehicles should be equipped with so that these accidents do not continue to happen in the future.

  22. Salvador Ruelas says:

    I am deeply disturbed by all these stories, but it doesn’t surprise me.. Cops get away with breaking our rights and using excessive force on individuals.. We have laws and courts that may convict them, but what about animals!? They are defenceless and are viewed as property. As a dog owner and animal lover I’m ashamed to see that our nation is yet to change. Our society will never progress if we continue to allow this unseen slaughter. Recently I saw a video that appalled me.. The story about the Hawthorne Police.. Not only was the video graphic, but the main commentator justified the killing of the Rottweiler. I sent a email complaining to the network.. I’ve yet to get a response.. I will post the link below..

  23. Robert. says:

    Thanks for taking the time to build this website and record when cops murder dogs. Maybe you could also tag each story with the breed of the animal. Makes searching a little easier.

  24. […]  Given the authorities’ propensity for killing family pets , this pug is lucky to have escaped with it’s life . Here’s a brief news story about […]

  25. Mike says:

    Just sent you an email too but here’s another one for you:

    Shiner’s Story

  26. timbuktu2 says:

    Could you also gather some facts on how many K-9’s have been killed by cops leaving them in hot cars? That would be another giant notch in citizen’s belts to show they don’t give a whit about people, nor animals.

  27. Rebecca says:

    In Louisville, KY my dog was shot at by an on duty officer. My pup lived but, the intention of him being shot to die was there. He didn’t bite anyone but yet is accused of attacking someone and lunging at the officer. He mysteriously got loose out of our 9 foot fence hours after we had been gone for hours. (Was someone getting in to rob us? We dont know.) Officers need to be taught to use a taser before bringing out a gun. My dog is on a drain to get some kind of fluids out of him, after spending two nights in the hospital. Moral of this story is, my dog wasn’t harming anyone but, he got shot straight through him, shoulder to shoulder. Two shots were heard by neighbors. (Attempt to shoot my other dog?) He is an overweight 5 year old brindle pitbull. Incapable of “lunging”. How can a dog “attack” without biting anyone?
    Thank you for this website. I want this to be known and don’t know how to justify it since the cops are the law. Any information on how to find out more about this incident would be great. Have a court date to pay for having our dogs loose. No investigation on how they got out or why it was necessary for my boy to get shot at over being tased. I wouldn’t want this for anyone else and their pup.

  28. Aaron Johnson says:

    My dog got shot today by the cops what can i do. i want her to be remembered as the wonderful dog she was not what there making her out to be. Also i want a tattoo to remember her by i don”t have any right now so if you have any idea let me know please.

  29. C.Vidrine says:

    My dog was killed Easter Sunday, please like and share her page on Facebook Justice 4 Emma~

  30. Here’s a petition for “Goose,” who entered an off-duty cop’s yard. The cop apparently decided it was easier to kill a dog than to contact its owner next door.


  31. Jay Ouzts says:

    I have another one for you. Man comes home. Sees a suspicious person at his neighbor’s house. Calls the police. Police come to investigate. Shoots the dog belonging to the person who made the call – even though the dog was on a run line and not at threat. http://bolivarcommercial.com/newsx/item/2139-family-pet-shot

  32. sarah mcghee says:

    I had 2 of my dogs killed 1 for from my front door by police, as I wept outside for my babies, surrounding officers just laughed

  33. Kenneth says:

    I had two dogs Pepper and Danni they are out front with me whenever i am. it has never been a problem pepper is blind 14yo and no teeth her daughter danni leads her around to visit neighbors on weekends danni is 10 yo a woman walking her dog past the house and my two dogs went out to say hi. i realized i didnt know the girl. an officer just happen to be driving by and got out of his vehicle pulled his weapon me and two neighbors yelled NO dont shoot there playing. the officer chose to ignore anyone and shot my old gal in the head and neck turned his gun past me and shot danni in the chest as she was retreating to the driveway. My neighbor got in the officers face yelling you just shot a blind dog with no teeth. i noticed danni moved and she got up jumped into the patrol car. the officer demanded i get her out he still hasnt holstered his weapon i can only think he was wanting to shoot her again he said dont leave the scene I was heading out while carrying danni to the truck i told him to f off and it was an immoral order. Pepper died at the scene danni lived she has a weak front but she lived the SDPD said they would take care of vet bills gave me a number to give the vet and when danni was better and they sent the bill to the city they said they no longer want to pay it. ( justice 4 pepper and danni ) i have many witnesses and the case is going to federal court. its now in the hands of the grand jury.

  34. Jared says:


    This just happened two days ago and there’s a surveillance video of the incident.

  35. Monica Quintanilla says:

    hello my name is Monica, On March 10th. 2016, the Federal Marshals shot and killed my dog, “Destiny”… She was everything to me, she was my family the only thing I cared about. “Destiny”, they shot her dead right in front of me she was not attacking them and I know they are trained to know the difference between a dog that is attacking and a dog that is barking and she was only barking she was a smaller terrier breed but she was only barking and they shot her 3 times with a rifle point-blank right in front of me I cannot get the image out of my head. They came to my house looking for someone based on hearsay. This person has never lived at my house yes he’s been there but they could have come and asked me I would never harbor a fugitive! They were unsuccessful at
    pulling down my securty door and didnt announce themselves until afterwards. It was so loud. Any good dog wouldve done the same but they could have used pepper spray or a taser anything. I shouted “please dont shoot my dog she will not bite you!!!” My shouting was followed by 3 shots. I saw her lil foot twitch for the last time, and the image is burned into my memory and I cant make it stop. I’m devastated my heart is broken. She was a good girl, so intelligent. Many tears have been shed for her because she touched so many peoples lives. I’m not the only one that my dog affected nearly everyone who met her loved her she would bring so much joy. If you werent feeling well she’d know it and she’d make you feel better, if you didn’t want to pay attention to her she’d make sure you did. She could say “I love you, Mama.” She saved my life a couple times, we’ve been through so much together including being homeless together. Anytime I was down or depressed or sad she could pick me up and snap me out of it, she gave me the strength to carry on and now they have devastated me and tore my world apart she no longer greets me when I come home or stretches out on the couch, or hogs the bed. The lethal force they used was so unnecessary, the reason they were here was a total waste of time and they did not even find who they were looking for. I will never have another dog like her. She was my “Destiny” she was my four-legged mini-me, she had a great personality and character, she’ll always be a part of me that will go on but an emptiness will always stay behind.

    I intend on filing a lawsuit against the Federal Marshals, so Destiny hasn’t have died in vain…
    02/23/09 – 03/10/16

  36. Gomez says:

    Our beloved dog Cesar was shot and killed by Hamilton, TX police officers on 09/28/2016, while they were attempting to locate a wanted person, who was not on my property nor hadn’t been. Our belief is the lone officer opened the shed door and let out Cesar out of his house, where he barked and jumped toward the cop because he didn’t know the person. The officer, the coward that he is, was startled and scared and ran blindly away from the dog, falling down an embankment and injuring his knee. This the department called an “attack” by Cesar on the officer, yet he had no scratches or bites or marks of any kind. All the while the lone officer lay on the ground, calling back up and ambulance- our dog stayed in his yard and didn’t threaten him. Ambulance and 3-5 other cops show up and still Cesar is not threatening or attacking or running away. Only when strange men come toward him acting aggressive did our dog act defensive by barking and growling and jumping- in his own yard. He paced in the yard another hour and a half while Hamilton PD and SO decided their course of action. Cesar attacked NO ONE not tried to bite anyone during this time. All the while, family members were in the street begging to be allowed to take Cesar to safety or put him in his house securely. We were not allowed, and told we would be arrested if we didn’t leave! It was at this time that the officers decided to MURDER an innocent animal and beloved family member!!! One cop, a Justin Sloane, shot Cesar at point blank range 4-5 times, with the last one being a kill shot. All the while family members hear our pet crying out in pain from the multiple body shots. He was murdered for scaring an officer so badly that he ran and fell and injured himself, in fact humiliating himself and the department by saying he was “attacked”. This was revenge. The family still not allowed on their own property, officers removed Cesar’s body on a trash bag and shoveled up all blood evidence. Week later and we are still asking for our dogs body so that we can say a farewell to our loved one.

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