Nala went missing on a Saturday, and after looking for her all day, she found out from a neighbor that Nala had been killed by police. But the circumstances of this killing were unique.

Officers had responded to a call that a dog had bitten a woman and, upon discovering Nala, restrained her with a pole around her neck. One officer remarked, “I’m going to gut this fucking thing.”

He then pulled out a knife and slit Nala’s throat.


In this circumstance, the police did not race to defend the officer. Everyone admitted it was not according to protocol. But, of course, blaming the actions of a single officer for an act that — while uniquely heinous — bares many similarities to other tragedies, reduces this pattern of behavior to a series of individual acts.

“She was just scared that day and through all of those events — scared and lost, thirsty, hungry,” Nala’s owner said.

SOURCES: Justice for Nala, CNN