Neighbor Lori Walmsley saw everything: she called her neighbor’s dog, Scout, over to play, and then Scout ran back into his own yard. A police officer showed up. He asked if the dog was hers. “No,” she said, but she assured him Scout wasn’t dangerous.

The officer began to try and catch the dog, whistling and saying, “Come here, pup.” He eventually cornered the dog. That’s when Walmsley heard the shots. The dog’s owner ran out and screamed, “What are you doing? He’s just a puppy!”

Lori says that the officer was not provoked.

The officer tells a different story. This is how he depicts the shooting in his own report:

At this time, I whistled at the dog and said “Come here pup” and the dog jumped off the deck and ran at me. I began backing away as fast as I could in a backward direction. I immediately noticed the dog was showing its teeth and I could hear the dog growling very loudly. I kicked at the dor in an attempt to put space between me and the dog and to get it to stop coming at me. I missed my first kick however the dog tried to bite my leg as I kicked it. I repeated this again kicking at the dog and again the dog tried to bite me. At this point the dog was within three feet of me and I was running in a backwards circular motion so as not to turn my back on the dog. At this time I pulled my service weapon and rapidly fired seven shots while backing away from the dog as quickly as I could. I believe I missed most of my shots, due to shooting while backing away however I did hit the dog at least twice. One shot in the back legs and once possibly in the mouth. The dog was no longer a threat to me and I holstered my weapon.

[The owner] came out of the residence and was screaming at me “You shot my fucking dog, good job mother fucker you did your job.”

I don’t understand this logic: antagonize and corner animals until they show aggression, attack the dog and further provoke it, and then — having exhausted all other options (except closing the gate or leaving or asking the owners or witnesses present for assistance) — executing the animal.

The existence of dog-murdering protocol allows this to continue, and allows officers to feel that such behavior is morally permissible. Please share this story to show them that it isn’t.

SOURCE:, the Police Report