An officer responding to a report of a burglar alarm jumped a fence, with a clearly visible “Beware of Dog” sign, and approached a residence. Once he was on the person’s property, he was approached by two dogs, which he claimed “charged in an aggressive manner.”

He drew his fire arm and shot one dog, at which point the second dog ran off. The shot summoned the resident from her home (there was no burglar), and told the officer, “They’re not even vicious!”

“He came right at me, ma’am,” the officer said, attempting to excuse his actions.

“He came right at you, but not to hurt you.”

Her dog writhing on the ground, she was overcome by sympathy and asked the officer to “shoot him all the way.”

“Do you want me to kill the dog?” the cop asked.

“You already killed him,” she said, and she cursed the cop and added, “They know not to come on my property. I’ve called a million times to have someone…”

“I gave you a call,” the cop replied.

She looked at her phone and said, “No.” The dog was still suffering, so she said, “So kill him.”

And the officer raised his gun and fired a second bullet, killing the

The Sheriff defended the officer’s actions, saying he “was calm and did everything right.”

The Sheriff says that a body cam video shows that the officer acted as he should, but you can judge for yourself.

SOURCES: Examiner, Inside Edition, Justice for Cowboy