lukeResponding to an accidental alarm, a police officer entered a home through an “unsecured door” (which, to me, sounds like he entered without permission). The officer claims that the dog charged at him, barking, and that — fearing for his life — he had to shoot the dog multiple times.

Just had to.

To defend this behavior, the police claimed that the owner’s sister alleged that the dog had bitten her in the past.

However, she told reporters, “I never claimed Luke bit me, cause Luke has never bit me.”

Cobb Police say that the officer followed policy and procedure and that their investigation is closed.

This follows the Threefold Pattern: (1) No legitimate reason for police officers to be present, (2) Claims which contradict witness testimony, and (3) Department claiming everything was done according to protocol. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the magic formula which allows you to murder a dog without consequence.