According to the Facebook page Justice for Ava, Brittany Moore called the police to report threatening phone calls.  A police officer then came to her home, decided her dog was being threatening, and shot her. According to Brittany, this was the officer’s second time to kill a dog.

Both Brittany and a neighbor claim that the dog didn’t do anything wrong, with the neighbor saying

“I remember that her tail was wagging as she walked towards the officer”

but the Boulder County District Attorney has decided that the officer was not in the wrong with his decision to use deadly force.

“I keep reliving the sound that she made when he shot her and then Ivy, our golden retriever, went and was trying to help her up,” Brittany said.


2 Comments on “Ava”

  1. susan eyres says:

    That dog didn’t derseve that 😦 you dont shoot a dog for nothing simple!

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