Rosie escaped from her yard. A neighbor called the police, worried that the dog would get run over because some children were chasing it. Police showed up, Tasered and chased the dog, which got away and ran into Lora Petty’s yard. She closed the gate behind the dog, effectively trapping him.

Twenty minutes later, the police showed up, opened the gate, came in, and — according to YesBiscuit! — this is what happened next:

At this point, the officers all agreed that the dog was a threat to public safety and to them personally so one of the officers put a bullet in her.  She fell to the ground, her eyes rolled back in her head and her breathing was labored.  Apparently still deeming the dog to be a public threat, the officer put a second bullet in her.  At that point the dog began to yelp.  Apparently the dog was still a threat to public safety so he shot her a 3rd time.  After that shot she struggled to sit up, trying to move away.  Apparently the officer felt she was still a threat and so put a 4th bullet in her which killed her.  Then he poked her with a stick to make sure she was dead.

Lora Petty, the owner of the yard where the dog was killed, says that the dog was scared, not aggressive, and said:

“It was quick. They already had their mind set on what they were going to do. Their main concern was shooting the dog.”

Additionally, she said that a police officer came into her house afterwards, giggling about shooting the dog. After that, she set up a memorial in her front yard:

Sources: Highline Times and Seattle DogSpot


6 Comments on “Rosie”

  1. Tom Barrett says:

    I posted your page to facebook in the hopes it goes viral. It would be nice in you would make a facebook page to help inform the public of these atrocities.

  2. Annarchist says:

    I’ve been hoping someone would start this blog for a long time.

  3. I just wrote this article about an incident with cops and dogs and I invoked your website, I hope that is ok, but I didn’t see any “contact me” listing:

  4. Joslynne Davidson says:

    This is the Seattle police I believe. They are a bunch of sickos-they have been investigated by the Justice Department. If you see a Seattle cop, do what you can to get away from them.

    • Sarah says:

      It was not the Seattle Police, it was the Des Moines (WA) police. Near Seattle, but a separate city and a separate police department. The owners recently filed a $600,000 lawsuit. I hope they win.

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