The bullet went through his nose and broke his teeth on the right side.

Karen Gentry raced Deano to the Skyline Animal Clinic, fearing for his life because of how much blood he had lost. The police officer that had came to her house had been looking for a “Haskins,” but Gentry had lived at that home since she was 17, and there had never been a Haskins. She had stepped back inside, and the officer had shot her dog.

Neighbor Tiffany Hayes had seen the whole thing:

The cop was here, and Deano was coming around the corner. He was just coming up to greet him.

The officer claims that the dog was attempting to bite him.

This story at least has a happy ending: Deano did survive, and the sheriff’s office has offered to pay for all of the injuries. Still, says Gentry, it doesn’t make up for what they did.

[Technically, this one doesn’t belong on this blog, since Deano didn’t die, but I figured the blog needed one ray of sunshine.]