Unnamed Pitbull

Careful, this video is pretty graphic, including (as most of these videos do) the screams and wails of a shot puppy. It depicts the killing of a pitbull and the wounding of a corgi, though most of it is just heard.

Police were under the impression that this house belonged to a drug kingpin. Instead, they found a pipe, grinder, and a small bag of marijuana. They blamed themselves … for not getting there early enough:

“If you let too much time go by, then the drugs are not there.”

A child was also there. (The owner of the home was charged with endangering the child, presumably by allowing cops to come in and fill his house with bullets.) The police justified their actions by claiming that they were just (you guessed it) following protocol.

The Police Chief apologized, however, and said the following:

“I am telling you we have fixed those things — that the public can be assured that a similar incident will not happen again without someone’s head rolling because it’s now policy,” Burton said.

This is the sickness that is our police force: that things are only wrong when they are against policy, and heads may only roll (metaphorically) when rules are violated. Our police force is completely subjugated to a bureaucracy which they feel excuses them from the moral blame of their actions. It does not.


4 Comments on “Unnamed Pitbull”

  1. TheocratKillaz says:

    This is horrible. Mainly because the War on Drugs is stupid. The dogs getting fugged are just another sad detail here.

  2. aerojef says:

    I agree that pit bulls are a dangerous breed to have, but to shoot one apparently without provocation is unacceptable. A Corgi? WTF kind of threat is THAT dog? If they had a parakeet they would have shot that too, apparently – maybe for making too much noise. A definite reason to die by gunfire.

    Unbelievable, and yet ANOTHER reason to hate cops. They used to “serve and protect” – and now they indiscriminately destroy people’s lives for mistakes – and for no reason at all. I’d like to know the cops’ addresses and pet names, so the man in custody could break and enter THEIR houses and see how they feel about their kids’ pets being shot down in cold blood.

    Wake up and welcome to the new American Police State.

  3. Investigate NWO/globalists says:

    This looks like something out of Nazi Germany!

    These militant cops are out of their f*cking minds!

  4. NALA & BRUNO; NALA was the Pit Bull… RIP Nala.

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