Two Dogs, Names Unknown

Warning, this is some extreme material. In this video, the Columbia, MO police department shoots two dogs. In justifying it, the officer says (at about the ten minute mark):

When you deal dope, and the police have to come to your house, that’s what happens.


3 Comments on “Two Dogs, Names Unknown”

  1. TheocratKillaz says:

    I’d like to see a harmless pot smoker thats getting rushed by a fucking German Sheperd K-9, pull out a gun and shoot it. Then tell the officers, I’m just following my own personal policy.
    I’m not a huge dog lover, but cops are often worse.

  2. anonymous says:

    Not sure if you still update, but here is a recent one from 2012.

  3. Police killed their “gentle, loving” 10-year-old mutt, Grunt, during a 2008 SWAT team raid.

    One dog was named Grunt.

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