“The officer drew his gun in an unnecessary act of cowboy gunslinging law enforcement and shot my dog amidst a crowd of thousands,” said Block, who was fostering Parrot while he was waiting to be adopted through the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. “The problems here are almost too numerous to count.”

Block’s account is supported by at least one witness, Jennifer Naideth, 29, who was in town from Los Angeles selling cosmetics at the festival. She called the shooting “so unnecessary and so violent,” adding that “there was no human life in danger.”

A retired police officer who was also on the scene, 67-year-old Tony De Pass,  defended the officer:

“What he did, I would have done the same damn thing,” De Pass said.

Source: Washington Post


7 Comments on “Parrot”

  1. George N. says:

    The police officer should be charged with police brutality and animal cruelty. With the amount of brutality shown, if i were a judge, i would charge him with assault/battery as well as “man” slaughter. This crime that the officer had done should not go unnoticed and uncharged. This is a perfect display of the level of authority the police “think” they have. This whole incident disgusts me and i hope this officer is discharged from duty as soon as possible.

  2. shaun says:

    who’s going to kill that cop now? do you know where he lives?

  3. jonnathon says:

    dont trip, were handling him soon..

  4. where did this happen because i need to call that police station. i will not stand for this. and i certainly don’t trust the other police officer defending the murderer. we all know how police officers stick together! he should be fired and charged with animal cruelty, sentenced, and spend every minute of his time in jail. we also know people that do this kind of thing to animals usually start doing it to humans.

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