Two Unnamed Dogs

“Within ten seconds of leaving his car, [the officer] pulls his trigger and shoots one of the dogs. The dog wagged its tail, started to struggle on its back, and ultimately died .”

Police support the officer and contend he did nothing wrong. This is an argument I hate. We have methods to euthanize dangerous animals (if these were, in fact, dangerous animals), and they do not involve bullets. Police officers are not animal control, and they shouldn’t become animal control. It’s not possible, in ten seconds, to make any kind of accurate determination.

This support from the police department is — as readers of this blog know — the norm. Almost all such cases are internally investigated, and almost all internal investigations result in the determination that the officer was acting “according to procedure.” No one thinks to question the procedures themselves. “Just following orders” is not an acceptable defense.

SOURCE: Stop Police Brutality, YouTube