Cops were responding to a missing child report when they entered the yard of Sean Kendall and shot his Weimaraner.

The missing child was later found sleeping inside his home.

The owner of the dog, Sean Kendall, drove to his home and confronted the cop about killing his dog. Be careful watching this video, it is brutal. “So I get to bury my dog because an officer couldn’t back up and close the fucking gate,” he asks.

And a protest was organized, “Justice for Geist”:

The local police chief — of course — defends the officer’s actions. “I haven’t seen this type of public outcry when certain human beings have lost their lives,” he said. The dog — he argued — was simply too close to the officer: never mind that the officer entered the backyard without the permission of the owner.

“Something’s got to change,” Kendall said. “It’s running rampant.”

He’s right. It is. You can sign a petition to demand that the officer be held accountable for his actions and that all officers be trained to deal with dogs. But the problem isn’t just that cops don’t understand how to deal with dogs: this is just one manifestation of American police overreach.

Source: Fox News, The Free Thought Project