Cisco and his person, Paxton, were playing Frisbee in his backyard. When Paxton went to grab something from his truck, a police officer arrived, drew his pistol, and pointed it at Paxton. (He was responding to a domestic disturbance a few doors down but had been given the wrong address.) Cisco ran toward the officer, who shot and killed him.

The following exchange was recorded by the police camera:

Paxton: “Why did you shoot my dog?”

Officer: “Why didn’t you get your dog when I told you to get your dog?

Paxton: “I didn’t know! I just came around the corner. You pulled a gun at me and told me to put my hands up. What was I supposed to do?

Officer: “Okay, but you knew your dog was back there, correct?!”

Paxton: “I didn’t know anybody was here. I was just walking to my car.”

Officer: “Oh my Gosh.”

When Paxton went on KLBJ-FM’s “Dudley & Bob Morning Show” to discuss the issue, the officer called in to apologize.

The Austin Police Department issued a statement, saying, “There are several pieces in the process right now that we are looking at.” Hopefully, this will end in something other than the typical “the officer was following protocol.” Hopefully, but not likely.

Paxton: “My best friend. You killed my f—ing best friend”

Sources: ABCNews (audio of event), Statesman, KXAN