“He’s the gentlest dog that I’ve ever been around. He’s like Sooby Doo. He wasn’t mean at all.”

Mom, Dad, and their 17-year-old son were asked to step out of their vehicle and kneel down on the ground. Dad had left his wallet on the top of his car at a gas station, and through some sort of mix-up, the police thought that he had stolen the car. He asked if they would close the doors of their car so that their two dogs would not escape, but the police refused.

The dog ran outside and was seen “romping on the shoulder of the Interstate, its tale wagging. As the family yells, Patton first heads away from the road, then quickly circles back toward the family. An officer in blue uniform aims his shotgun at the dog and fires at its head, killing it immediately.”

As usual, the Police Chief issues the statement:

“I know the officer wishes that circumstances could have been different so he could have prevented shooting the dog,” Terry wrote. “It is never gratifying to have to put an animal down, especially a family pet, and the officer assures me that he never displayed any satisfaction in doing so.”

The mere fact that it must be stated to the public that a cop doesn’t get pleasure from killing a family pet shows what sort of depravity we’re willing to accept from our police forces.

This video is — like all of these videos — extremely graphic, not for the murder of an animal it depicts (which, as usual, is blurry and difficult to make out), but for the screams and wails of a family that knows their beloved friend has been killed for no reason.

Source: CNN


4 Comments on “Patton”

  1. Karen says:

    Horrifying and incredibly disturbing, I hope that officer was harassed by the media relentlessly.

  2. Joslynne Davidson says:

    Too bad you didn’t name the murderers. This breaks my heart.

  3. Nichole says:

    If I were these people, I’d sue the s*** out of this police department.

  4. Gabby says:

    Their cries are so haunting and to think that these officers probably have pets and children at home. Cops these days show no mercy.

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