Tank, Hump, and Janey


Police burst into James Woods’ house looking for marijuana. He heard a shotgun blast, and Tank (pictured above) “lay dead in a puddle of blood.”

Then they saw the other dogs. They raised their weapons. Woods screamed, “Please! They won’t hurt you.”

“Witnesses told a consistent story: Police chased the dogs, Hump and Janey, around the house, shooting Woods’ longtime companions as they fled.” Janey (not pictured) dragged a trail of blood around the house until she finally collapsed. Police had shot her as she ran away.

Neighbors said the dogs were “tame and friendly.” Police did not respond for comment.

Woods’ friend, Scott Kraz, “photographed the carcasses in hopes of proving that police shot the dogs from behind.” After doing this, he buried in the dogs in Woods’ front yard. Woods now lives alone.

“They killed my dogs,” he says. “The Detroit Police Department murdered my dogs.”

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Source: Motor City Muckraker